Clavon condo showflat is tentatively under construction. Kindly register your interest here for the latest update.


Showflat Address: Clementi Ave 1, Singapore 129961

Clavon Condo is located along Clementi Ave 1 right beside The Clement Canopy Condo and Nan Hua High School.

Clavon Condo Showflat Viewing

Clavon condo showflat viewing is strictly by invitation or appointment only. Booking an appointment before making a visit is highly recommended to avoid crowds as well as to guarantee your convenience and satisfaction upon showflat viewing.

Before Visting Clavon Showflat

It is favourable to determine the amount of CPF you could use on the purchase of Clavon condo units by logging in to your CPF account or visiting the CPF branch first before making a showflat viewing appointment. You might also want to get professional advice from reputable bankers like DBS, OCBC, and UOB regarding your loan eligibility. Prior to showflat viewing, do take note of the Normal Payment Scheme and how the VVIP balloting process works. Our friendly appointed representatives will gladly assist you on all matters relating to the Clavon new launch and its unit purchase.

Kindly register your interest here for the latest update and receive all the latest information on the project as well as exclusive deal and private virtual viewings!


Commonly asked questions when buying a new condo unit in a development project in Singapore

A condo is a building that contains units or apartments which are owned by different persons. However, the owners of the units still share common facilities. The development site is required by the law to be not less than 40,000 sq. Ft. for it to qualify to be categorized as a condominium.

Condos in Singapore are open to all permanent residents (PRs) or Singaporean Citizens. Buyers are required to provide the necessary documents and show evidence of financial capability.

Purchasing a private condo is a far more simple and smooth process for Singaporeans and Singapore PRs. 

Only non-permanent residents or foreigners are required to fulfil specific requirements.

Here are the qualifications that Singapore residents must meet:

  • Complete the Minimum Occupation Period since the date you acquired ownership, usually five years for DBSS, HBD flats, and ECs.
  • Inform the HDB of your local private residential property before exercising OTP.
  • Sell your flat in less than 6 months after purchasing the private property.

Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP) is a permit that allows homeowners to occupy the building temporarily when the key requirements are met as it may take some time to obtain the Certificate of Statutory Completion (CSC). By law, a CSC or TOP is required to occupy the building.

TLDR: TOP allows you flexibility in occupying a building before it is fully complete (if the building is deemed safe)

Singapore has three major types of private condos.
  1. Mass-market condos – they are relatively expensive and found in the suburbs.
  2. Mid-market condos – contain many facilities than mass market units and commonly located in prime fringe locations.
  3. High-end Condos – often come with deluxe amenities and located in prime districts.
They are classified in terms of their location, price and facilities offered.

Application Process

The Option to Purchase is an agreement providing the buyer with a 14-day exclusivity period, and other buyers cannot be offered the condo within that period. It serves as a good faith deposit.

The Option to Purchase is an agreement providing the buyer with a 14-day exclusivity period, and other buyers cannot be offered the condo within that period. It serves as a good faith deposit.

The Offer to Purchase is a method used by sure buyers to secure the condo by bypassing the OTP stage. It usually demands a 5-10% deposit that safeguards the property.


The recommended financing options for buying a new private condo include loans offered by financial institutions and bank loans.

Other than the downpayment, 

  • Buyer’s Stamp Duty
  • Valuation Fees (required for a bank loan).
  • Legal/Agent Fees – where applicable
  • Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty
  • Stamp Duty for Mortgage Documents